Septic System Maintenance

How often should your septic tank be cleaned and your system inspected?

Septic Tank Pumping, Bio-GardSeptic Tanks should be typically pumped every two to five years, dependent upon use. The attached table shows estimates for time periods between pumping based on size of tank and the number of people using the system. When pumping a tank, Bio-Gard technicians also inspect the system to ensure proper function of all components in the system. They will inform the home or business owner of all service performed or needing to be performed.


Tips for maintaining Septic System:

  • Do not send grease, such as bacon fat and deep fryer oil into septic tank.

  • Do not flush coffee grounds, wet-strength towels, disposable diapers, facial tissues, cigarette butts, candy bar wrappers, and contraceptives in the toilet.

Trash in septic system, poor maintenance, Bio-GardTrash hampers the performance of the system and can lead to more expensive problems.

  • Do not put special additives into your septic system.

  • Do not use dishwasher and washing machines at the same time.

  • Do not use disinfecting automatic toilet bowl cleaners, such as those containing bleach or acid compound. The continuous slow release of these chemicals into the septic system kills the micro-organisms which treat your wastewater.

  • Minimize the amount of household cleaners such as bleach and potentially toxic substances entering the septic system.

  • Install low usage water fixtures.

  • Use liquid laundry detergent. Powder laundry detergents use clay as  a “carrier.” This clay can hasten the buildup of solids in the septic tank and potentially plug the disposal area.

  • Space out laundry loads over the week instead of running the washing machine continuously all day once a week.

  • Front loading washers use less water than top loading machines.

  • Keep septic tank lid(s) easily accessible.